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what the fuck even is death note. i know there’s a guy named light and one named l (who named these children) and one of them looks like a spindly frog with emo hair, and of course there’s a notebook that gives people heart attacks, but then sometimes i see art of it and there’s this terrifying clown monster just sort of floating around in the background?? why is this juggalo here what does he want from the frog.

Gou Matsuoka ~ Ep. 4


Surprise Iwatobi Bento Check!!

Momotarou Mikoshiba // Episode 4

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 4 || Rin Matsuoka


Nico di Angelo being really nervous about asking a boy out and him bringing flowers with him but he’s so nervous that the flowers end up wilting in his hands and he’s freaking out even more and it’s too late to replace them with new flowers and I don’t know where I’m going with this but imagine really cute flustered nico asking out a boy

  • baby:
  • mom: mama? are you trying to say mama?
  • baby: m..make US FREE NA SPLASH KASANETA


your icon shows who you are inside



If you own a dog, please share.

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please donate i havent eaten in 5 days

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send me those “what character u remind me of” anons this is important do it

this is very important and crucial to the existence of mankind

sned me them


Ruckus rockin out to a good jam


Imagine Muggleborns having patronuses that represent something from Muggle culture that they feel protected by. A shy Hufflepuff with a Pikachu patronus. A Slytherin who’s really nervous because of all the stuff in the past and they’re Muggleborn but they cast a patronus and it’s one of the Game of Thrones dragons. A Gryffindor being the talk of the common room because of their Jaeger patronus. A Ravenclaw with a comic obsession finding out their patronus is the Hulk.



songs in a different language you like and then you look up the lyrics and it’s actually some fucked up shit



Favourite female Kingdom Hearts character (as voted for by my followers) - Aqua
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